Key Kaspersky [15-04-2010]


In this archive includes the keys to the following products:
»Kaspersky Internet Security 6
»Kaspersky Internet Security 7
»Kaspersky Internet Security 8
»Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5
»Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6
»Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7
»Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8
»Kaspersky Anti-Virus 9
»Kaspersky OpenSpace Security
»Kaspersky Anti-Virus for WKS & FS
»Kaspersky Internet Gateway
»Kaspersky OpenSpace Security

How to cause the activation of a key Kaspersky 2010:
1) Go to the license manager - activating a new license (first remove the old license)
2) Activate by code 3G79H-74355-DBPC8-4VX4Y
3) Wait for the message
4) The following window click "Browse" and select the key file
5) Click to activate

How do I delete a key?
"For versions Support -> License Keys -> Delete
"For versions Tools -> License Information -> Delete
"For versions Activation -> Delete key
"For versions License -> Merge / Delete
"For versions License -> Delete (red X in front of key number)

How to add the key?
"For versions Support -> License Keys -> Add
"For versions Tools -> License Information -> Add
"For versions Activation -> Set Key
"For versions License -> Activate the application -> Activate using the key
"For versions License -> Activate the new license -> Activate the commercial version -> enter this st8n6-k6zet-tjwfh-xm5rj activation code -> after a failed test in the" key file "specifies the path to the download link below working key.

Which version is no "black list" keys?
"In versions of KAV 4.5 (Personal, Pro, Wks, FS) and KAV Personal (up to and including 5.0.227).

Do me a key. How do I know some details about it?
"We must use the utility keyview.exe. Attention must be paid to Expire date, and Program Name

Can I use the same key on many computers in a local network?
"This can be in versions In versions not more than 2 computers in a network with a single number.

What is the compatibility of keys?
"The key of KAV 6 is coming to KAV 6, KAV 7, KAV 8 (2009)
"The key of KAV 7 is coming to KAV 7, KAV 8 (2009), KAV 9 (2010)
"The key of KIS 6 is coming to KIS 6, KSI 7, KSI 8 (2009)
"The key of KIS 7 is coming to KIS 7, KIS 8 (2009), KIS 9 (2010)

Installing Fix'a:

1. Open KAV / KIS.
2. Click on "Settings" (upper right corner window KAV / KIS).
3. Go to "Options", uncheck "daw" on the option "Enable self-defense" and click "OK". In the pop-up window with the message that the protection is disabled, do not pay attention and do it not alone! Self-protection is turned off in order to allow spoofing of files in a directory with KAV / KIS, otherwise the program will not allow it to do.
4. Then quit KAV / KIS (just completed, and not turn it into the system tray, be sure to check it!). Exit the program you can click on the icon in the tray of the program right mouse button and selecting Punt "Exit."
5. Unpack the archive folder "Skin" in the directory with the installed KAV / KIS and request that the folder / files already exist and whether they should rewrite the answer in the affirmative.
6. Then run KAV / KIS, open the window and click on "Settings".
7. Go to "Options", select "daw" on the option "Enable self-defense" and click "OK".

Installing Fix'a completed and you can proceed to process activation file-key.

Enabling file-key after the installation Fix'a:
1. Open KAV / KIS.
2. Click on the link "License" at the bottom.
3. If you already have the key, then you should delete it by clicking on the red "X" to the right of the key in the window manager's license and are prompted to confirm removal of the key, answer "Yes". If the key is not previously installed, then skip to step 4.
4. Click on "Activate a new license."
5. Select "Activate using the key, and click" Next. "
6. In the line "Key file, click Browse, select file-key. If the key is not blocked and is designed for this version of KAV / KIS, you will get a message that the activation was successful. Click "Finish" and then in the previous window, click Close.

That's it, Fix installed, the program KAV / KIS is activated, respectively, anti-virus, you can close the window.
Fix provided "as is" and the author does not assume any responsibility for possible damage caused to your copy of KAV / KIS or computer!

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